The inlingua method

Languages open up the world to you

inlingua is one of the world’s leading language training companies and currently has more than 324 language centres in 37 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia as well as North and South America. At inlingua, you will experience language training that leads straight to the language goal, step by step. Your trainer will speak to you only in his or her mother tongue, starting from the very first lesson.

The best way to learn a language is to speak it

You will have every opportunity to do so in your inlingua lessons - understanding typical situations, making use of actual opportunities to speak, practising appropriate reactions and consolidating language skills in dialogue. You will be able to use your language skills as appropriate in any situation. There is Method to your success.

Support from native speakers and qualified trainers

Professional and highly motivated Trainers contribute to your learning success. inlingua trainers are at native speaker level in the languages they teach. They are taught by inlingua experts on how to correctly put into practice the successful inlingua method.

The right tools contributes to your success at learning a foreign language

The inlingua learning materials have been specially developed for the inlingua network by specialists from all over the world and are not available on the open market.

Regular progress tests show you how you are progressing

You will receive feedback on which areas you could improve. It goes without saying that inlingua certificates are aligned to internationally recognised certificates .

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