The language levels – what can I do?

Each and every inlingua program is based on the Europe-wide standard set out by the Common European Framework (CEF), which covers beginners to native speaker levels.

CEF levels and learning materials

Level 1 – Basic understanding: CEF Level A2

Can understand and answer short and simple questions in daily business life. Capable of using simple expressions and very basic phrases during travels. Can interact in a simple way, even on the phone, provided the other person talks slowly and clearly. Able to understand simple texts, signs and instructions.

Level 2 – Taking a more active role: CEF Level B1

Can interact with international contacts in the context of work. Capable of making more precise and differentiated statements. Can follow more sophisticated communication and telephone conversation. Capable of understanding standard business correspondence, reports and minutes. Can produce simple business texts and minutes.

Level 3 - Active participation: CEF Level B2

Can interact with native speakers with a degree of fluency that makes spontaneous presentations possible. Can follow negotiations and presentations and even cope with difficult telephone conversations with increasing ease. Can read and understand sophisticated newspaper articles, professional journals and business reports.

Level 4 – Managing communication: CEF Level C1

Can express him/herself in business contexts fluently and spontaneously, capable of conversing with business partners from English-speaking countries in all business contexts. Can follow more complicated negotiations at normal speed and recognize idiomatic expressions. Capable of working with documents at any level of business communications. Can write own presentations and reports about complex business topics.

Level 5 – Mastering communication: CEF Level C2

Can converse in the target language with near native proficiency. Can differentiate even the finer shades of meaning. Capable of participating in any business situation with ease. Telephone conversations no longer pose any difficulties. Can understand virtually everything read with ease.

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