Web Based Trainings

Language is our interpersonal means of communication, so we believe that nothing can replace the trainer in the long term, when it comes to learning a language. The trainer will guide you in line with the particular situation, he or she will correct you, he or she will respond to your special requirements and your performance on the day, and he or she will make you laugh.

However, there are tasks where web-based forms of training provide valuable support for learning a language.

inlingua Virtual Classroom – when you need geographical flexibility

Do you travel a lot, but also value regular training with your personal trainer? Is your home a long way away from an inlingua centre, but you still want to benefit from inlingua’s high level of quality for learning a language?

Then the inlingua Virtual Classroom as a web-based form of training is the right choice for you. It enables you to combine the advantages of personal training with a native-speaker trainer with the desired geographical flexibility.

inlingua Online Learning – the Perfect Complement to Every Language Course

In your language course we will challenge you, because learning a language is still hard work. inlingua Online Learning is the best way to intensify the training content with a wide variety of additional exercises outside the actual lessons, at any time and wherever you are, and it’s fun as well. inlingua Online Learning can be used on all end devices, i.e. including your smartphone or tablet.

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