Our placement tests - objective and accurate

  • What do you want to achieve in the training course?
  • What do you already know?
  • How can you improve your language skills most effectively?

Our placement tests are designed to provide an assessment of your current language level so that we can choose the best course to suit you. 

Besides, it is more than just a placement test: our three-step approach provides a more accurate picture.

Step 1: The Test

We assess your vocabulary, grammatical structures and terms and phrases used in daily situations.

Step 2: Your Self Assessment

Here you assess your own language skills. In your opinion, what have you already mastered and what do you need for the future?

Step 3: The Evaluation

Your written placement test is marked and evaluated by our advisers who determine whether a brief oral telephone assessment is also necessary.  We will contact you if this is required.


Click here for more information about the placement tests in the language you are interested in:

The inlingua placement test is a tried and tested tool which provides a reliable picture of your current language skills.

  • It gives you a detailed assessment of your current level.
  • It indicates where you can improve and which areas need particular attention.
  • Since you are placed in the appropriate course straight away, valuable time and money is saved.
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