Express to impress

inlingua Frankfurt provides quality translation services, certified or uncertified, for a wide range of languages. Our translators are highly-qualified with many years of experience in the field and are publicly appointed and sworn in by the court. 

You can rely on us to deliver sophisticated translations to meet your deadline. We have extensive experience translating:

  • Documents, Contracts, Patent specifications
  • Advertising copy, Brochures, Websites, Annual reports
  • Handbooks, Software, Directions for use

Our team of translators takes into consideration the meaning our clients wish to express:  should the context be translated literally, or should the style and flavor of the original be captured so as to preserve the flair it intends to convey.  We have the capability and translation mastery to balance accuracy and creativity in a way that guarantees a high-quality end product.

Our customer service is glad to assist you.  To get started, you need only supply us with a Word document and the size of the file.

Translation fees are calculated based on the number of lines. A line in a standard translation consists of 50 characters. To calculate the amount of lines in your translation, simply highlight the text to be translated and then click on 'Extras' – 'count words'.  Divide the characters counted by 50 to obtain the number of lines.

In addition, we provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for businesses in the following situations

  • Guided tours, Factory tours
  • Meetings, Presentations, Negotiations
  • Conferences, Symposiums, Conventions

For information please call 069 24292040 or
email us at: uebersetzungen@

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