Learning languages with the inlingua method

Success with the inlingua method

Here at inlingua you are gradually guided towards language proficiency. Only the target language is used in class, from the very beginning!

Using the language is the best way to learn!

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to actively use the language: for example by participating in typical, authentic daily situations where useful phrases and suitable responses are role played and perfected in dialogs. Consequently, you are best equipped to deal with these situations in real life.

Only the target language is spoken from the very beginning?

How does that work?

Most of the new words and expressions are introduced visually, others are clear from the situation and context.

Aren't there any translations or explanations in German?

Since the sense is clear, there is no need to translate.

But what about grammar?

Classes are structured in such a way that grammatical explanations mostly become unnecessary. Due to intensive practice (see below), you will be able to deduce the rules yourself. Should you need further revision of grammatical structures this can be found in your inlingua learning materials.

What do you mean by "intensive practice"?

The trainer's job is to encourage you to speak. For example by:

  • getting you to ask questions to the trainer and the other students
  • getting you to correct each other
  • getting you to repeat new language until you have really learned it and feel comfortable using it. 

And what is the role of the trainer?

The trainer talks as little as possible. He or she only says what is absolutely necessary and does not lecture. Your trainer provides you with the new language and shows you how to use it correctly.

Doesn't the trainer explain anything?

The trainers can answer any questions concerning their native language.

Will I learn to speak freely?

Pair- and group work is an integral part of the inlingua method from the very first day. You will practice speaking freely when:

  • you can apply what you have learned, asking and answering questions.
  • you actively take part in conversations.

How do I work with the inlingua material?

You will receive books and an audio CD to practice at home. Additionally, you can also book inlingua online-learning for more practice exercises. Books are usually closed in class. You only open them to work with the illustrations, texts, dialogs, exercises and other communication activities.  

Do I have to write a lot?

You can find almost all the new words and structures in the course material, so there is no need to write in class. Written exercises will be given and done at home.

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